Jin singer of bts say the last goodbye to army before seeing them again 2024the date he would return from his military service.

The singer who would enter his service this December 13th, could not leave without first moving his thousands of followers a little, because they would be 2 years where they cannot communicate easily.

And although the interpreter of «The Astronaut»he asked his followers not to go see him for the last time in the center where he will do his service, so as not to cause accidents, he knew he had to say goodbye to armybecause they have been the most faithful followers.

In the middle of the expected ceremony BIGHIT MUSIC he asked the media and fans not to visit the training center, and that instead they could show their support by adhering to the rules.

Jin waved his joyous farewell to army with one last message on Weversewithout saying words, because the gesture he had was to put in his profile picture of instagram to a character from League of Legends who has a similar name to him, “Jhin”, with the legend that read “This is your scene call«.

And finally, he adds:(I wanted to try saying this when I go to the army), (This is what the game character «Jhin» says)«.

army I do not hesitate to impact social networks with messages towards him, looking for him to become a trend number 1.