Jin, the oldest member of the popular South Korean group kpop bts, is preparing all the details to enlist in the compulsory military service that governs in South Korea in a few days. He shaved his hair, the agency in charge of the group, HYBE, He gave a new statement but also, there has been speculation that the idol could retire from music after fulfilling his duties before the armed forces of his country.

The moment that he army and every Kpop fan didn’t want it to come, it has come. Jin, the oldest of the BTS members, will be the first member of the group to enter the mandatory military service in force in South Korea.

His fans are very sad, since it will be almost two years where the Worldwide Handsome will be out of the music of the stages.

However, this period could be even longer, since there are some rumors that the artist could be considering retiring from music after completing his service.

Although this is not confirmed, the ARMY knows that it can be real, since Jin You might consider starting a family. It would be almost 32 years, an ideal date for more personal and mature plans.

Despite this possibility, his fans want and yearn to be able to see him again. Jin on stage in 2024, the year in which the Idol will already be free from the army.

The final decision will be made by him, and whatever course he chooses, the army will be there to support you.