Jin and jhope are designated to receive benefits by the Korean armed forces for being celebrities, and according to a well-known Asian outlet, they would be receiving a “Special treatment” while they are providing their mandatory services in the army.

On April 18, J-Hope began his military career as a recruit in the 36th National Defense Infantry Division of the Republic of Korea Army in Wonju-si, Gangwon Province. That day, a group of soldiers stood in front of the entrance gate of the military base, stopping and checking every vehicle that entered the compound.

Newsis affirmed that only one person can enter the military base vehicle per person, which would have been the main cause of these accusations, since the day the idols were summoned to introduce oneself at military installations.

However, on April 18, at J-hope’s entrance, six vehicles were authorized to enter the military base, all the vehicles were part of the organization HYBE, company in charge of representing the members of BTS. The same number of vehicles was reportedly allowed during Jin’s enlistment in December.

Newsis claims that the military bases not only allowed six HYBE vehicles into each enlistment ceremony, but HYBE vehicles and affiliates received prior clearance, unlike most civilians, who are arrested upon arrival. Therefore, suspicions have been raised about the “special treatment” received by the two celebrities, who could be allowed to enter the ceremony site with more acquaintances than normal civilians.

A representative of the military base of wonju He ruled on the rumors: “It is not that we have returned civilian vehicles if someone came with more than one car from family or friends. The general rule of one vehicle per recruit was advised for security reasons, but there was no need to strictly enforce it.”