Jin of bts keep organizing everything for your single «The Astronaut» and this time with his conceptual photos that give a lot to talk about.

On October 25 this year at midnight Korean time (KST), the world-renowned artist published two impressive photos, thanks to which he earned the nickname “Worldwide Handsome.”

In the photos, the BTS singer is seen wearing a black leather jacket, a black t-shirt, white tennis shoes, tight black pants and a white background, giving the impression of an eclipse.

Jin will do his best to make his single stay in the hearts of his fans, as he will soon have to submit to mandatory military service.

He will make his debut one last time before military service on October 28 at the stadium in River Plate in Argentina, where he will present the single live for the first time, thanks to the invitation of Coldplay on his tour of Argentina.

Jin from BTS and his impressive concept photos

Jin from BTS and his impressive concept photos

The group bts plans to regroup in 2025, when the interpreter of «The Astronaut» finish their obligations to the Korean government, although no one knows what the fate of the group will be in the almost two years that they will be separated.