Jimin, the popular member of the group kpop bts, has massively excited his fans with the announcement of his new projects, since the idol He will be doing a series of collaborations where he could be working with Jisoo, one of the members of the most popular Kpop girl group worldwide, BLACKPINK.

The army and the BLINK, official fandoms of BTS and BLACKPINK, are affirming that there could be a collaboration between the idols Jimin and Jisoo, since the member of bangtan has joined a brand campaign in which Jisoo is also a part of it.

BTS’s star dancer is now the new global face of Dior, so, considering that Jisoo is also an ambassador for Dior Fashion & Beauty Since 2021, their fans assure that it will be possible to see them together at an event and some collaboration with the renowned brand.

In his role as the new ambassador, Jimin exemplifies Dior’s timeless spirit and uniqueness,” the brand stated.

For now, we will have to wait for the projects that the artist will do as the new Dior ambassador, but Kpop fans are very aware that a collaboration with them can be generated. Jisoo.

Without a doubt, it would be something truly great and would generate a great impact within the social media Worldwide.