Jimin, one of the most popular members of bts, he will be making his solo musical debut at the end of February. However, what would be accompanied by this would be her eventual entry into the compulsory military service that she governs in South Korea, something that makes everyone very sad ARMY.

When each of the BTS members is announcing their solo musical debut, the ARMY already knows that they will eventually be announcing their enlistment in the military. And this would be happening with Jimin, who will arrive with his first album by the end of February and that would be full of pleasant surprises.

HYBE, The company in charge of BTS and Jimin reported that they will be reporting more details when they finish making the agenda, so their debut at the end of next month would be more than confirmed.

Still, the ARMY is sad and has many reasons to be, since after his musical debut as a solo artist, Jimin would be entering the army, something that each of the members of BTS must do in order to continue with their musical careers.

At the end of everything, Jimin is willing to fulfill his duty as a citizen South Korean, so enlisting in the mandatory military service will be an honor for him.