Jimin of bts He is known internationally for being a member of one of the most famous Kpop groups, a group where he has formed his musical career.

Recently, the famous artist was present at the song of Taeyang of BIG BANG, which is called “VIBE»and apparently, from what Jimin mentions in a letter sent to his followers, he is very excited to have participated in the aforementioned song.

The artist opened his heart with his fans to be able to share with them a touching letter, where he shows his happiness and thanks ARMY for being there to listen to the song.

The letter says the following:


Thanks for waiting for the song to come out.

Lately I hadn’t been able to sleep, I could only fall asleep as soon as the song came on.

He also revealed how excited and happy he was after being able to collaborate with one of his idols, and he took the opportunity to tell fans that he would soon be present on a live broadcast.

I’m very happy because I released a song with BIGBANG’s Taeyang.

I’m really happy.

I will also come to see you all through a live broadcast.

Thank you and I love you.

Thanks to this letter, many fans have shown to always be on the artist’s side and accompany him in the victories of his musical career.