Jimin, Member of bts, He has recently revealed if he would like to go back to working alone, or if he prefers to work with his team, this due to the level of complexity of the topic.

the artist of kpopwas recently named global ambassador of the prestigious brand Diorafter performing his show at Fashion Week in Paris, together with his partner J-Hope.

And although the artist has excelled in music, thanks to his incredible talent and personality, he can probably sign contracts with companies not necessarily linked to the music industry, a fact that undoubtedly excites his followers.

However, the artist in the middle of an interview he gave, was honest when revealing about the progress of his solo musical career, and admitted that he has not considered continuing to work alone on all occasions, because it is a much more complicated process. .

«I feel a lot of pressure, for the last two years I put my feelings and thoughts on the album chronologically.“, admitted the artist, modestly stating that army You shouldn’t expect something extremely “great.”

«Since I’m working on an album like this for the first time, ‘Can it be released like this?’ I have a lot of thoughts like that, which makes me modify more and do it again. So… more than fans expected, it may seem like he’s late«, adding that being with their colleagues they can share all their ideas and achieve a good album, but being alone it is more difficult to do a good job.

Even so army does not rule out that the work of Jimin be a complete work of art, just like when you release songs with bts.