For all real fans of Jimin Y bts, it is well known that the idol has a strange relationship with Jeongyeon, one of the female group members twice and where many affirm that they hate each other or that they had an affair. But now, and thanks to a segment of a video, it has been possible to see when both idols were together and had a little eye contact.

Although there are various theories between the possible relationship that Jimin and Jeongyeon have, there is no clear certainty of what could have happened between the two artists. At least, there is not even a way to say that they hate each other, despite the fact that there have been some other tests that would prove it.

But on one occasion, both South Korean idols were very close to each other, all this was during a speech that had Bangtan, but the TWICE group was on stage and the singer was standing very close to the artist.

But at a specific moment in the video, he approaches and hands the microphone to one of his colleagues, but not before making a visual comunication with Jimin, which left the entire ARMY shocked.

The fans assure that this video I leave even more evidence that something happens or happened between idols some time ago, since there have been numerous opportunities where the member of twice avoiding eye contact or even getting up from your seat when park jimin approaches her or the group.

Could it be that they had a relationship? Could it be that they just don’t like each other? All this continues to generate many doubts within the ARMY, who hope in the future to discover what really happened between them. Jimin Y Jeongyeon.