Jimin and jhope shared some of the difficult situations they face Jin while serving on military installations.

J-Hope’s bts recently celebrated his birthday with his followers through a live broadcast on the social network of Weverse. While the singer spent time chatting with the army And sharing stories of their daily activities and more, another member of the famous South Korean group joined the broadcast, thrilling everyone present.

The pair of artists talked and they joked about many things in the live, as time passed they touched on Jin’s topic, they began to wonder many things why Jin should be going through in the army, after this, Jimin mentioned that he had been talking to him lately.madhyung‘ from BTS and shared with the ARMY some details of their messages.

Where they were talking about the army food, which Jin said was delicious, although he had cravings for it’mulhoe‘, a spicy raw fish soup, among other things. He also mentioned various hobbies that he missed doing, which in the army would not be possible for him to do, time passed quickly and the broadcast of both singers ended, leaving the ARMY satisfied after an hour.