Renowned singer-songwriter Jiminwho belongs to one of the most recognized groups in the kpopBTS, has caused his fans anguish and panic after leaving a television program in tears.

The famous singer Park Jimin, has been recognized worldwide as well as his group for his undoubted talent in music, and on the stages where he allows his followers to live a unique experience through his shows and songs, managing to achieve a large number of people who consider themselves their fans, the ARMYs.

However, although it always brings them joy, it recently caused tension on social networks, after he was seen crying and a little upset at the end of the program “Run BTS«. His fellow program members helped him calm down, but it wasn’t entirely possible.

The event occurred when several members were at a mini sports festival, where they had fun playing soccer and volleyball, but a fact from their partner jhope He created the discord between the two, when he decided to cover the goal of his goal, allowing him to have all the points in his favor.

Such would be Jimin’s anger how enraged he expressed to his partner «Goalkeeper, you have skills as a goalkeeper“, while he hugged him next to suga hoping to ease her pain, but her tears of stress wouldn’t stop.

army Concerned, I quickly tried to reassure him through social networks while asking him not to panic, and they expressed their anguish for the moment he lived. Fortunately, it was only a game, and after a short time he was able to improve.