Jimin, the star dancer bts, has caused the anger and contempt of his teammates, since he could not identify an important football figure from South Korea.

Jimin angered and managed to hurt the BTS members and all the staff by failing to recognize the famous player from his country, Son Heung-min

It all started when Bangtan was filming their variety show. Run BTS! a show where idols play, have fun and do everyday activities that their fame doesn’t allow them to do like other people normally do.

In the middle of the games, they had to guess the names of the most famous personalities in South Korea, as well as other more international ones. If one of them lost, they would take a plate of all the food they had set aside for them.

Jimin he had already lost several times in the game by not quickly remembering the name of many famous people, but bts couldn’t forgive the talented artist when the idol forgot the name of They are Heungmin.

The dancer only limited himself to smiling and accepting his guilt while his companions couldn’t believe that he hadn’t recognized him. In the end, the idol apologized with a laugh and the game continued.

The moment was recorded on video, and it is undoubtedly one of the funniest moments that the army remember.

This incident also reached the ears of the famous soccer player, who did not hesitate to record a video for the members of BTS and send them shirts autographed by himself.

The player also confessed that he wants to be in one of the chapters of Run BTS, and when the idols heard it, they couldn’t hide their excitement.

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