Jimin and taehyung of bts they have finally clarified the rumors of enmity that existed between them. The news was revealed during Jimin’s latest VLive, when a fan asked him if he was still having fights with his groupmate Kim Taehyung.

In response to the question, Jimin He stated that he no longer fights taehyung. He claimed that all the fights they had in the past were everyday things, mainly related to food or problems that arise when you live in a dormitory with another person. But in general, Jimin believes that all these fights are things that happen when you are young and that now, as adults, you have put all those fights behind you.

Uh, Taehyung and I don’t fight anymore.

You only fight when you’re young.

What would be the reason for our fight? We don’t fight anymore.

The fans of bts They have been following the relationship between the two members since they joined the group, and many have speculated about their relationship in the past. However, Jimin’s clarification has been well received by fans, who are glad that the two members of the group get along well.

kpop group bts has become number 1 worldwide and has won a large number of fans and awards. Fans have been waiting for news from their idols, and this clarification on the relationship between Jimin and taehyung It has been good news for them.