The fans of Jimin of bts Y Rose of BLACKPINK have been shocked after a video was released where both idols popular stand together while viewing an awards ceremony.

Through various awards, idols from kpop They can have unexpected or unplanned meetings, since these awards are very important in the gender industry and logically the members of BTS and BLACKPINK must be there.

and that’s how Jimin Y Rose they had the opportunity to coincide in one of these ceremonies. The video has quickly gone viral on social networks and has excited the army and to BLINK because it is the first record where both idols are seen together.

This appearance of the member of bts and the member of BLACKPINK allowed them to be together for the first time. And although they did not interact in any way, they were together until the end of the ceremony.

The fans of both groups hope that in the future the members of bangtan and BLACKPINK can have more interactions, since it would be really cool to see the two most popular groups in the world having a close encounter.

And you, do you want to see Jimin of BTS and Rose of BLACKPINK interacting more often in the near future?