Jimin, member of the Kpop septet bts and smooth, member of the female quartet BLACKPINK, they lived a terrible experience, which most of their fans do not know of its existence. However, both artists confirmed seeing a paranormal death that made them very scared.

He BLINK and the ARMY, official fandoms of Bangtan and BLACKPINK, affirm that Jimin and Lisa lived the same paranormal experience that they recounted. what happened to both idols?

The fans assure that the ghost that Lisa and Jimin saw in the bathroom is the same, as they assure that they are similar and it is not a coincidence that they caught it in the same place and with the same characteristics.

According to the BTS star dancer, the entity he saw when he was an apprentice surprised, tormented, and caused him panic when he was washing his hair in the former house of the group members in Seoul, South Korea.

In turn, Lisa explained in an interview that in the old The house that the BLACKPINK girls shared, she saw a ghost in the bathroom, and according to a psychic she consulted, a being lived in said place.

It is for this reason that both fan bases affirm that the paranormal experience that Jimin and smooth lived, it was actually the same ghost.

And you, do you think it is the same ghost?