The popular idol members Jimin, of bts, Y smooth, of BLACKPINK, were first seen through a video, which has quickly gone viral on social media. social networks inside of the army and the BLINK.

For any fan of kpop, It is well known that on social networks there has been a certain rivalry between fans of BTS and BLACKPINK, a product of the enormous popularity that both groups have worldwide.

However, members of these popular groups of kpop, They have made it clear that between them there has never existed nor would there be any enmity.

Even this year the very possible relationship of V with Jennie, which has been revealed with quite compelling evidence. Also Jungkook enjoys the songs of the popular girlband.

In the case of Jimin, It has been revealed through a video that he was with smooth, one of BLACKPINK’s rappers, which surprised the audience. BLINK and to ARMY.

Jimin and Lisa were together for the first time and the moment was recorded on a video. And it is that, both artists were part of a special performance for the New Year’s celebration in 2016, where several idols from other groups came together.

The video has caused a lot of interest within the ARMY, who every day are safer than the members of bts share good friendships with the girls of BLACKPINK.

And you, what do you think of this interaction between Jimin Y smooth?