kpop artists Jimin, Member of bts and Jennie, girl band member BLACKPINK, they would be attending as guests at the Met Gala 2023, which will be held today and will bring together numerous artists and celebrities from the world of entertainment.

In recent days, there has been speculation about the possible assistance of the idols Jimin and Jennie at the MET Gala 2023, a fashion event where the fashion industry kpop it has also been blazing a trail in recent years.

«Karl Lagerfeld: A line of beauty» is the theme chosen for this year’s edition. Lagerfeld was the famous designer and creative director of channel who passed away in 2019. For this reason, attendees must go with outfits that come with this type of theme.

International media, such as Forbes, Allkpop Among others, there have been some of the portals that have been rumoring about the assistance of the artists mentioned.

Jimin would even still be found in the USA. A few days ago I was in NY, but according to rumors, he has not left the North American territory.

For him army and the BLINK, it would be really amazing to be able to see Jimin and Jenny posing on the red carpet MET Gala, since they would be modeling with different luxury outfits that could set a trend in the world of fashion.