Recently, Jungkook, of btshas been involved in a controversial situation, because he has been harassed by several sasaengwhich according to many idol fans assure that it is only one, who would have been responsible for all the previous harassment that the star of the kpop He has reported through his social networks.

On May 4, the singer would have received food sent anonymously by a sasaeng, this not being the first time, Jungkook denounced on his social media, telling fans to please not send him food that he wouldn’t even touch. Now, a sasaeng has threatened of death to Jungkook, which has set off the alarms in the army and they demand HYBE to take care of this matter that has already gone too far.

BTS fans have inquired on social networks with the exposed material, and they have managed to get the user, who is apparently responsible for sending food to the idol at his home, the person responsible for the intense harassment of the BTS dancer according to the ARMY could be the Instagram user @chu02859 who has published a series of horrible posts related to Jungkook.

The aforementioned Instagram user posted a photograph of a knife with a text overlay, which would translate as “I’m going to kill Jungkook. Just wait«. Evidently dealing with a terrible death threat towards Jungkook.

The suspected account of the sasaeng published in his first post that he was the one who sent meal Jungkook to his residence. He also said that he was rude to decline eat it, and I assure you that it could kill you very easily. Currently, the ARMY is already unmasking this user as if it were a police investigation.

And apparently this sasaeng supposedly lived in South Korea for a while and managed to get the address of Jungkook’s residence, according to fans, it is a younger 17 year old named Amina. The ARMY realized that their current IP address is actually in Indonesia, so they hope that no action can be made. damage to Jungkook.