jhope member of btswill be the new member of the KPop group, which begins its military service in the coming weeks.

The artist jung hoseuk of original name is beginning preparations for his military service, just like his partner Jin who entered the service last December 13thand that he hopes to finish in June 2024 when he completes his 18 months stipulated by the army.

As previously stated by the agency in charge of the members of the recognized group, one by one they will begin their obligation as inhabitants of South Koreaand they will go to the army just like a person normally would.

Recently, Big Hit Entertainment agency that controls the artists, assured in a short statement the situation facing the rapper.

The permanence of the rapper in the training centers and later in the military service will be equal to the months that Jin is doing its job, around 18 months in case no mishap occurs in the process.

Likewise, BigHit expects that army Give all your support to J-Hope as he faces his military service, just like you are doing with the oldest member of the group, whom you have shown to be very aware of.