J-Hope, one of the most reserved members of the South Korean Kpop group bts, was shown shirtless for the first time and left his fans with their mouths open, since the idol He is used to not showing his body in photographs, since his personality is quite apathetic to showing his physique in front of the public.

For any real fan of kpop, It is well known that most idols are not used to showing their bodies in public, since the personality of South Koreans is not usually that of a flirtatious or provocative person.

In the case of the members of BTS, there are few who dare to be open with their physique, but others are quite reserved and avoid doing this type of exhibition. How is the case of J-Hope, who surprised his fans when he went shirtless for the first time.

In one of the contents of memories of bts, the talented rapper He showed himself in a photo with his torso completely exposed, after lifting his shirt, because they were in a pool during some recordings.

As expected, the army He was stunned to reveal his marked and well-worked abs, because despite having a slim complexion, he has a very toned body that will undoubtedly cause sighs among all his fans.

And you, did you like seeing J-Hope’s attractive torso?