According to the new episodes of the show titled “Zico”, an interview was held with nothing more and nothing less than J Hope of bts as the first guest, with the idea of ​​working together on music during his busy schedule and showcasing his unique talent as an artist.

Due to the re-release of his long-awaited episode “Give me a minute,” Zico had the surprise of speaking directly with HYBE to meet with J-Hope on a live broadcast, mentioning making music during his interview, where Zico commented:

“For me, I just need to make music and not do anything else when making music, but that is not possible for BTS because they have so many activities scheduled. How do you work on your music under such conditions?

In what J-Hope answered with sincerity:

“Honestly, in the past, I really didn’t have time. We had so many things to do as BTS, and I often worked on music abroad with just a computer and a dynamic microphone.”

Responding that during his temporary separation from the group, he had more time to create his own music, and have a not too tight schedule, now J-Hope with the release of his new album “Jack In The Box”, he expressed that he feels very happy and expects to have new projects underway.

Mentioning that throughout his second interpretation “Arson”, I express to continue with the same tendencies:

“Following trends and stuff is not a bad thing and it’s something I can do, but I want people to see that I’m someone capable of doing what I want. That I am that kind of artist.

Zico then replied:

“You wanted your individual identity to shine through on this album.”

J-Hope confessed that yes and will agree to continue with several projects on his way:

“I thought it was necessary before taking the next step in my musical journey.”

Here is the full interview with English subtitles:

J-Hope is certainly full of surprises!