jhope of bts, has been seen at the Incheon airport on February 19, leaving for his overseas schedule. This comes just after he celebrated his 29th birthday the day before and received heartwarming birthday wishes from other celebrities and ARMY, the group’s fandom from around the world.

The idol went live on Weverse for his birthday, showing off his adorable cake and his close friendship with Jimin, who also joined the broadcast. She also showed a cake, which was made by sugawho appeared on Weverse’s live chat.

For his part, Jinalso sent him a birthday message through Instagram, which made the entire ARMY excited, since Jin is currently completing his mandatory military service.

When jhope arrived at Incheon airport, fans had neatly lined up in an orderly line to one side of the entrance, while media waited outside the gate for the perfect photos of their arrival.

When jhope entered the airport in his all-black Louis Vuitton outfit, the fans there began chanting “Happy Birthday”. The singing quickly turned into loud screams, this because she came jumping and dancing in happiness.

jhope waved at ARMY while sending hearts, waving and bowing in their direction. When the reporters also wished him a happy birthday, he kindly thanked them. J-Hope’s candid actions showcased the thoughtful and kind personality of him that ARMYs know and love.