A day ago, on February 26, the news was revealed that jhopea member of one of the most important South Korean music groups, would be the second member of the group bts to attend compulsory military service in Korea.

The news in a certain way surprised all his followers, who although they knew that each one would attend their obligation as male inhabitants of Korea, they did not expect that another of their Idols would have to leave so soon, as happened with Jin.

Big Hit Entertainment was in charge of informing the subject to all army: «We would like to inform our fans that J-Hope has started the military enlistment process by requesting the termination of his enlistment deferment.“, expressed the company thanking the followers for the expressions of love towards him.

However, the unknown was because the rapper decided to go to military service earlier than expected, and without a doubt his words had an impact on his fans, although his only intention was to reassure.

Through Weverse the artist of 29 years He appeared before the public with his overwhelming and charismatic energy, and with the aim of keeping his followers positive, he added that he made the decision because if he took up his work faster, it would be just as fast to be back with his followers and do new music.

«I think I’ve been thinking about this since last year, after Jin-hyung came in, he asked me when I should do it too. Thinking about it, I decided that the sooner I get in, I can go back and show them something good.“, Was the explanation of his early process.

Even so, it was sudden news, ARMY has not stopped supporting him and sending him messages of positivity through social networks.