J Hopeof btsbecame the first of his worldwide group to release his own full-length solo album, titled “jack in the box“, on July 15, shortly after the group announced their plans to focus on solo projects for the time being, while also working on group activities.

On the other hand, J-Hope also headlined the main stage of the festival. lollapalooza on July 31. Accepting the great challenge and lonely, the K-Pop artist discussed his 10-song release. Surprisingly, “Jack In The Box” does not have any collaborationto which the BTS member said:

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I filled the entire album with just my voice. I made this album to prove myself, you know? I wanted to show people that this is the music I make. This is the environment I have. I wanted many other artists to listen to my music; that the artists knew that ‘Oh, J-Hope makes this kind of music’“.

I’m looking forward to doing a collaboration, so maybe I can do a really cool and amazing collaboration with other artists. Nothing is set yet, but that is my bold ambition. I am open to future projects like this one. If I do a next collab, I’ll probably show off my ultimate weapon, which is dancing.“.

Fans are hoping that J-Hope will reveal which artists he wants to collaborate with, his future plans, and his goals for his solo and group career.