In a recent interview with Variety, J Hope of bts explained in detail the process of creating “Jack in the Box“, his first solo album. For those who have already seen it, you will have surely noticed that it does not have any special guest appearances in the song list.

There are no featured guests on my album, each track is filled with only my voice. Because I wanted to convey my own narrative, my own story as an individual, I thought that featured guests wouldn’t be necessary to make this album.“J-Hope explained.

For the artist, to have songs with their own voice and nothing else”would make the album very authentic“. Furthermore, he also said that he did not look for many references:

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I think the influence I had working on the album was my inner self, my identity as an individual. The inner self and my thoughts while working as part of BTS and the story of my life were the influences.“.

My career started based on street dance, I think the music I used to dance to definitely laid the foundation for my current work. So you will hear a lot of old school hip-hop as the basis for the musical style of this album.“.