The rapper, composer, dancer and current member of the famous septet, BTS, has decided to tell his fans about his plans for the course of this year, among them is, according to J-Hope, a great and long-awaited project.

As we all know, the young star has various talents and attitudes that have led him to the top in his professional career, and that is that since 2022, J-Hope has proposed to work more on his solo career, and He is currently developing a project to surprise the ARMY.

Among the singer’s talents is one that he loves very much and that is dancing. The artist recently confessed in an interview for the South Korean media that he is working on a Street dance, a category that is very good for J-Hope has also made it clear that it is one of his favorite things.

He also said that he does not plan to stop even a bit in this great project, and that he is preparing it with a lot of effort and affection for the entire ARMY. Since Jin began his military service, the group began a period of rest and since then its members have begun to focus on their individual projects, so as not to stop pleasing their fans around the world.