J-Hope, one of the members of the South Korean Kpop septet bts, has announced the release of his single ‘On the street’, which is the beginning of his countdown to enlist in the military service mandatory that governs in his country, something that makes his fans very sad.

He army is not very happy, J-Hope will be the next member of the group who must fulfill his duties as a South Korean citizen. His enlistment will be given after he finishes promoting his solo music material, just like he did. Jin.

Just like J-Hope and the ‘Worldwide Handsome’, the other members of BTS will be doing the same procedure; release solo music, and after a short era, proceed to enter mandatory military service.

plans HYBE, company in charge of the popular group, is that the 7 idols They have already fulfilled their duties at the end of the year 2025. From there, a group comeback would be preparing that already promises to be a commercial and critical success.

Meanwhile, the army will have to wait all that time, since the duty and obligation of each of the members of bts, it is impossible to break.

And you, how do you feel about the military enlistment of jhope?