The boys of Bts They are artists who give their all on stage, thanks to their talent they are known as one of the most important bands in the music industry. The K-Pop group is distinguished by its presence and its performances with a high degree of difficultyTherefore, Jin, RM, Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung, Suga, and J-Hope have not gotten rid of accidents at their shows.

Jin He fell to the ground at one of BTS’s live performances, the audience was shocked to see Seok Jin’s slip, Jimin quickly helped him up.

At a BTS concert in the city of Chicago in the United States, RM He slipped due to the wet floor of the stage, but that didn’t stop the leader, as the idol kept dancing and rapping for his fans.

During one of the world tour presentations “Wings“, While the boys performed”Fire”, Jimin suffered a fall on stage, however, he quickly managed to stand up to finish the show.

J-Hope has experienced some accidents on stage, the idol’s steps have a lot of energy, during a presentation of “Blood sweat and tearsHe struggled to get his microphone in a good position.

In a performance of “Anpanman”, Taehyung suffered a mishap on stage, the idol of Big hit He fell to the ground and his bandmate RM helped him up.

Suga of the Korean group, he is a very committed idol, in a concert, during his solo performance of “Seesaw”, The idol fell from a bench.

During a BTS performance, Jungkook He shocked the audience with a step that brought his entire weight to the ground, causing fans to worry about his.