The popular South Korean group kpop is preparing to put on a show at the opening of the world soccer tournament.

Recently, it has been reported that bts is preparing to attend qatar to perform a show during the soccer world cup ceremony FIFA 2022.

An official of the FIFA reported that members of bangtan soon they will premiere a song for the world cup and of course they will give a performance at the height of the magnitude of the event in the show

The official did not reveal if the boys will give the opening show, closing show or any special event during the celebration of the FIFA. But rumors have already come out that it could be at the opening show.

So far, no further details have been revealed about the artists that could attend the event other than BTS, who have even confirmed that they are preparing a song for the event.

ARMY He is already very excited with all the surprises that BTS could be preparing with hyundai for the great soccer event. But for now, they will have to wait for new official announcements around the topic that the members of the group are preparing.