The popular South Korean Kpop group thanked their fanbase for all their support with a movie date. Find out all the details.

in South Korea there are different entertainment programs that reward the songs of the week that are promoted by the fans of the artists or groups that participate in the voting. In them, the idols promise their fans different things in order to encourage them to vote for them and thus win the polls.

Like many of their colleagues, members of bts they promised their fanbase ARMY that they would take them to the movies as a thank you if they won one of the week’s elections.

Since its debut, the ARMY fandom has shown its enormous and gigantic loyalty and fidelity to bangtan and they support them massively in the Charts and in all the voting prizes. And of course, this time was no exception.

It was in 2015 when the movie The Fantastic 4 was released and ARMY was surprised to learn that the leader of BTS, RM, He had participated in the soundtrack of said tape. The name of the song ‘Fantastic’.

After being celebrated by their fandom, BTS rented a movie theater where a large number of ARMYS attended and enjoyed the movie alongside them. This is one of the closest gestures that the members of BTS have had with their fandom and it certainly left a good anecdote for all those who shared a function with the idols.