The official channel of bts on YouTube, I recently posted a video where they show the choreography of the song “Run BTS”.

The famous group kpop is having a difficult time, both for the members, the agency and the followers, since the group that has been in existence for almost a decade is forced to take a break of almost 2 and a half years.

The older member Jin, he was forced to pause his career to perform compulsory military service in his country South Korea. However, before he left he released a single as a gift to his fans, called «The Astronaut». The artist made his live debut of the song on the same day of its release in Argentina, accompanied by Coldplay.

The boy group will focus on their solo careers until they can be together again, it is expected that by the middle of 2025 they will be able to do so.

Since the news broke MR is the only member who has announced his solo album, called “Indigo”, the album has many collaborations and fans are anxious for it to come out soon, although due to the statements given by the artist and the agency Big Hit Musicthe album is expected to be released in early December.

The video of the choreography was a surprise for the followers, since it had never been announced, the video has been on the platform for a couple of hours and already has more than 2.5 million views.

«Run BTS» is a song released in June 2022, with the group’s first anthology album called «Prof», In the video of the choreography we can see the synergy between BTS and their dancers, which makes the dance spectacular.