One of the most anticipated collaborations this year is undoubtedly the “Bad decisions”, with the participation of bts in vocal line, Snoop Dogg Y benny white, causing a lot of sensation in social networks and recently they published their new advance that will surprise you when listening to it.

According to his first official preview of “Bad decisions”, a small fragment was published on the TikTok platform, making it clear to us that it promises to be one of the songs with great global impact and will take over social networks just by listening to it.

Taking into account that the participation of BTS, from Vocal line is made up of Jimin, Jin Jungkook Y v only, without responses from the other members, and is linked as part of a job for the XBOX video game brand. Here is the new advance by the members of BTS in which the phrase “It seems that I can never get you out of my mind” resonates:

Although you can see the video of BTS, the singers Snoop Dogg and Benny Blanco revealed a very funny clip during the recording:

It will definitely be a song full of surprise for the fans!