The popular South Korean Kpop group bts unite their voices next to the Colombian singer Shakira, to sing simultaneously and make the fans of both stars go crazy for the incredible result.

Both BTS and Shakira are world-class artists, their popularity crosses borders and each of their songs becomes a viral hit on the social media. social networks.

And it was like that on the platform Youtube a video began to circulate bangtan singing along with Shakira for the first time. How has this been achieved?

It turns out that the themes of “Pure blackmail” of Shakira and “Blood, Sweet & Tears” from BTS. The great voices of both have combined in a wonderful way, thanks to the catchy rhythms of both songs.

And even if it is an edition, the army has been very happy with the result, since they wanted to hear the voices of the South Korean septet combined with the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’.

The voices of both combine very well, and their fans have ventured to hope for a possible future collaboration between the two artists. And undoubtedly, if that were to happen, it would be a success in every corner of the world. planet.

And you, did you like this combination of voices between BTS and Shakira?