The members of the popular South Korean group kpop bts, They have impressed their fans after demonstrating the great ability they have when it comes to lying. All this they have done in an episode of their program ‘RUN BTS’.

The members of the South Korean Kpop septet left their fans speechless after having shown great ability when it comes to lying, so their followers now do not fully trust when their idols are revealing secrets.

Each of the members were tested with a pair of cat ears, where they demonstrated whether or not they were capable of lying. Bangtan competed wearing cat ears in the new chapter of RUN BTS ;Next Top Genius, a fun and fabulous episode where each of the BTS members put their kindness, behaviors, and put themselves to the test to lie.

This happened just before Jin start his compulsory military service, so the Worldwide Handsome managed to compete and record a new chapter of RUN BTS, where he caught the entire ARMY by surprise, who did not know that he would start a 2023 with activities in BTS as a group.

The army was very happy to see Jin in the episode, and they hope that just when he finishes his military service, he will be able to record other new programs together with the other members of bts