bts is preparing to celebrate his 9-year career with the release of “PROOF“, his first greatest hits compilation. The project will come with 3 CD’s and 3 new songs and this Sunday, May 8, the South Korean group released the track list for the first part of the compilation.

The best singles of the 9 years of BTS will all be together in the first of the three CDs of the compilation “PROOF” along with the first song unpublished announced by the South Korean group, titled “Yet To Come“.

  1. born-singer
  2. No More Dream
  3. NOT
  4. Boy In Luv
  5. danger
  6. I Need U
  7. Run
  8. Fire
  9. Blood, Sweat and Tears
  10. Spring Day
  11. DNA
  12. Fake Love
  13. idol
  14. Boy With Luv
  15. On
  16. dynamite
  17. Life Goes On
  18. butter
  19. Yet To Come

This Monday, May 9, BTS published the second part of the song list of the project, which will be released on June 10. The second CD of the compilation will come with 15 songs, including the previously unreleased song “RUN BTS.”

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  1. Run, BTS
  2. Enter: Person
  3. Stay
  4. Moon
  5. Jamais Vu
  6. Trivia: Seeaw
  7. BTS Cypher PT.3: Killer“.
  8. Other: Ego
  9. Her
  10. Filter
  11. friends
  12. Singularity
  13. 00:00 (Zero O’Clock)
  14. euphoria
  15. Dimple

According to the announcement of Big Hit Music, the best singles from all 9 years of BTS will all be together on the three-CD compilation album “PROOF.” Thus, there will be 48 songs, and this part of the track list includes the previously unreleased “ForYouth“.

  1. Jump” (Demo Ver.)
  2. Young Love
  3. Boy in Luv” (Demo Ver.)
  4. Quote Mark
  5. I Need U” (Demo Ver.)
  6. Boyz With Fun” (Demo Ver.)
  7. Tony Montana” (with Jimin)
  8. Young Forever” (RM Demo Ver.)
  9. Spring Day” (V Demo Ver.)
  10. DNA” (j-hope Demo Ver.)
  11. Epiphany” (Jin Demo Ver.)
  12. seeaw” (Demo Ver.)
  13. Still With You” (A cappella)
  14. ForYouth