The faces of bts They have many entertaining stories to tell. One took place at HYBE INSIGHT, a museum that commemorates the music and history of HYBE artists. A ARMY recently visited HYBE INSIGHT, not knowing to support the leader of BTS, MRwould lead to an unforgettable interaction with the HYBE INSIGHT staff.

Twitter user @prodK0YA shared her experience in a tweet that has since gone viral. “I went to HYBE INSIGHT today and I didn’t know they would print nicknames on the ticket” , wrote. “so i wrote ‘namjoonwife’‘”. Little did she know that, in a few moments, everyone in the place would know that the “Namjoon’s wife” had arrived.

…the girl called out to me like, ‘Umm…is this for namjoon’s wife?’ and she embarrassed me.” The best part? Is “wife” was not the first to appear in the museum. The staff member told him: “Not well! We see many wives of Namjoon”.

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The situation might have been a bit mortifying, but ARMY He loved her story, causing her a lot of humor on social networks and commenting on funny messages of support so that the girl did not feel embarrassed.