The popular South Korean group kpop He is under a series of observations by the government entities of his native country, which are looking for a different alternative so that they can fulfill their military service without being affected in their artistic facets.

According to the authorities in South Korea, unite the military service and the stages of their future concerts, can give the group of kpop bts greater scope and at the same time comply with the compulsory military service of their country.

During a parliamentary session, the Minister South Korean Defense, Lee Jong-sup assured that several alternatives are being explored so that bangtan can go out and offer their shows even if they are part of the army.

“(The members of BTS) they should come and I think there will be a way for us to give them the opportunity to practice and allow them to leave the country and perform at any time if they have overseas concerts scheduled. Since many people highly value (serving artists) in the military, that can help increase their popularity even more,” he said via Page Six.

For more than a year, various authorities in the Asian country have been offering different alternatives for BTS to be exempt from their obligation.

However, the South Korean population did not see in a good way that the popular group remained without fulfilling its obligation as South Korean citizens, which is why other alternatives are now being discussed so that the seven members of bts can fulfill their service, without their work in the music scene being affected.