South Korean septet kpop bts, has sent an important message to everyone ARMY, and it is that they have warned the fandom to do a task that would be very important for them to fulfill.

In a greeting that the members of BTS sent especially to their millions of fans around the world, the idols of Kpop have invited their followers to attend the projections that will be made of their concert ‘BTS: Yet To Come’, since at the time the concert was leaked, different instruments specially inspired for the enjoyment of the ARMY were used.

Through some sweet words, Bangtan was very clear with the ARMY: each of them should enjoy the experience that they still created. The members explain in detail why you should go see their presentation in a movie theater.

The guys mentioned that the concert was filmed with professional cameras in high resolution. In addition, they surprised their fans by revealing that their concert can be enjoyed in theaters ScreenX Y 4DX, this in order for the viewer to feel immersed in the experience and be transported to the live event.

With this pleasant explanation, there is no doubt that the ARMY should attend the screening of the concert in the cinema closest to your residence. Because yes, the ‘BTS Yet To Come’ is available in all countries of Latin America.