The members of BTS did not go unnoticed at a time when they decided to take sweet revenge on their partner Suga. What did you do?

In the year 2020, Suga had to undergo shoulder surgery in early November, so he was not participating in promotions or broadcasts with the other Bangtan boys. However, they always kept him in mind, although in a particular way, since in reality they were taking revenge on him.

At the end of 2020, the six remaining members of BTS brought Suga figures with them during the broadcasts they were doing at the time, but they made sure that their appearance was quite humorous.

First, during a V Live broadcast for their “BE” album release, they did the following:

It all started when they did a live broadcast to celebrate their Grammy nomination with their song ‘Dynamite’, as they brought Suga’s photo closer to the camera so ARMY could see how distorted Suga’s face was because of the edits that they did.

However, this revenge of Bangtan has a cause, since, in 2016, Yoongi was operated on after a vital stumble where he injured his ear, and for that reason, he could not participate in the end-of-the-year programs and festivals.

But from home, the rapper watched them all the time and wanted to do something fun for ARMY, so he shared edited photos of some of his teammates.

This moment is always remembered by the group’s fans, who were able to participate in the joke and laugh together with the South Korean septet.