The members of bts they exposed their groupmate taehyung because of his weird bedtime habits, which even make it stressful for other idols. What weird habits do you have? V?

Although it is quite normal for humans to have some habits rare at bedtime, these could become stressful if they interfere with the sleep or rest of other people who are around you or sleep next to you.

And this is how it happened with V, the member from BTS who has a very unusual habit and which has come to stress his other BTS colleagues, who in an interview did not hesitate to expose him for waking them up on several occasions.

In an interview done in 2015, the members of the popular South Korean group of kpop about some anecdotes that live while they are together.

“While everyone lives under the same roof, what interesting things have happened?” At that question, they made some unexpected revelations about v.

There, the members of bangtan confessed that Taehyung is a sleepwalker of the annoying ones, of those that wake up those around them, and of those that come to disturb the rest of the people who are in the same room.

Although several of the members of bts They knew about Taehyung’s unexpected sleeping habit, he didn’t. The artists confessed that when V was sleeping, he would suddenly wake up J-Hope, one of the group members, to ask him to order some naengmyeon.

And you, did you know about the strange habit that taehyung at bedtime?