The members of the most famous group of kpop, bts, and the Colombian J Balvin, They are planning to do a musical collaboration together.

J Balvin Recognized worldwide as the “prince of the reggaeton genre”, he has been in charge of positioning this musical style as one of the most listened to worldwide, thanks to his talent and humility. The Colombian has a large number of awards and recognitions thanks to the effort and dedication with which he carries out his work.

for his part bts has also had a worldwide influence on the genre of kpopfor this reason they are considered one of the largest groups Korea.

For this reason a collaboration between the two artists could easily break records worldwide.

The conversations between the group and the singer took place recently at Fashion Week, in Pariswhen J Balvin was able to talk to Jimin Y jhopebecause they happened to be sitting next to each other.

Apparently the one who started the conversation about the possible collaboration was the Colombian who stated: «They’re singing in Korean, I’m Latino and I sing in Spanish, it’s about having a global reach, you have to know the culture and the sound a little bit, but I think it’s great, people connect with their music, which means they’re doing the right thing«.

Fans just hope to see the song materialize as soon as possible, and already announce their full support.

And you, would you like a collaboration between J Balvin Y bts?