The popular South Korean group bts, continues to make history on the charts around the world, and the fact is that the South Korean septet has managed to position itself as the most successful group of the year 2022 on all sales charts and streams worldwide, thanks to the great support they receive from their fandom ARMY.

In this 2022, the power of the ARMY has been noticed in various ways, and it is that last year BTS had their expected comeback with their album ‘Proof’, an album that contained a great anthology of the entire musical career of the popular group of kpop.

Each passing year is a clear sign that BTS’s popularity among their fans is continuously increasing, something that will allow them to remain relevant throughout the world.

And it is precisely through their recent releases that the members of bangtan They managed to place themselves in the # 1 position of the most listened to on various platforms such as Spotify, YouTube and up to the South Korean platform Cantaloupe, They were also the group with the most streaming and sales worldwide.

This shows the great influence that their fans have around the world, since it is well known that much of the success of the group is due to them, who with great effort support their favorite idols.

And you, do you expect new projects from the members of bts for this new year?