The popular South Korean group kpop showed his interest and affection for the k drama of the moment, moving everyone ARMY for the tender reference they have made.

bts couldn’t resist the effect of K-drama ‘Woo, an extraordinary lawyer’ and in the ‘Bangtan Bomb’ premiered this Thursday saw the moment in which Jimin Y MR They teach the greeting to Jin at the party that j-hope had for the release of his successful solo album ‘Jack In The Box’.

Woo, an extraordinary lawyer’ has set a trend in social networks due to the curious greeting made by the protagonist of the K-Drama and her friend, for which more than one has tried to imitate it with their best friends, what does this greeting consist of?

While Geu-rami says “Woo to the Young to the Woo” putting his arms on top of each other and switching them (like when the ‘Chilindrina’ cries), Young-woo answers in the same way only he mentions “Dong to the Geu to the Rami” and at the end they do the classic Dab dance. This interaction has quickly gone viral on social networks, with thousands of people imitating this peculiar greeting.

BTS didn’t want to be left behind in this trend, so Jimin and RM took advantage of Jin asking “How do you greet a celebrity?” to do this iconic greeting only Namjoon mentioned “Bang to the Tan to the Jin” Y Jimin He followed it up with “Dong to the Geu to the Rami,” as Jin just laughed and dabbed along with them.

The moment of greeting captivated everyone ARMY, who has not hesitated to trend the moment and highlight the tender gesture that the boys have made to K-drama.