A few days ago serious news was known involving jungkook of bts. The removal of your instagram It has caused controversy and the idol broke the silence.

In earlier days the ARMY, as his followers call themselves, they were very concerned when they noticed that the artist’s Instagram account no longer existed.

Their concern was quite a lot because the Idol had more than 50 million followers on that network alone, so they imagined that perhaps some robbery had been done to their account and privacy, or that their agency would have closed their account.

But the idol provided calm to his followers and through the platform «Weverse«, In a statement, he pointed out what had happened to his account, which was even verified.

«I deleted Instagram, I was not hacked! I didn’t really end up using it, so I deleted it. Don’t worry!» Said the artist who later wrote «hehe LOLOL I just didn’t use it much, I’ll just do Weverse lives from time to time» concluded.

Clearly the fact was the subject of confusion on social networks, creating endless false responses on the subject. However, since everything has been clarified directly by Jungkook, ARMY has not hesitated to keep an eye on the new page where it will be communicated.