All members of bts they are in Instagramexcept that Jungkook he’s the only one who doesn’t update his profile frequently. His lack of activity arouses her curiosity, since he is a great fan of photography and is still dedicated to creating videos. However, a special reason made the artist return to the social network.

and the reason is J Hopethe BTS member who recently started his solo career motivated Jungkook, who is the youngest of the group, to reappear on Instagram just over a month after his last post when his partner in the K-Pop group posted a long text of his performance in lollapalooza.

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At the famous festival last Sunday, August 31st, J-Hope performed for the first time without his bandmates on stage before thousands of people, singing his greatest hits. hitsas well as songs from his new album “Jack in the Box“.

The show was a true milestone in the artist’s career and, despite not having witnessed the moment like Jimin, who traveled to the United States, Jungkook did not miss it. However, he reappeared on the social network to praise his friend through a comment.

“you’re amazing j-hope“, wrote.