The friendship tattoo Jin of bts He made his fans happy.

This year the boy group released an album called «Prof», After that, they agreed to get a tattoo of friendship, the artists chose that each one would carry the number «7” on the skin.

All the members of the group have gotten the friendship tattoo, which is very significant both for them and for the faithful followers of the group.

The first to do so was namjoon, made it known after the broadcast of the Festa Dinner 2022, where everyone promised that they will have their tattoo with the number «7»

The only member of the group who has not yet shown his friendship tattoo is suga, who apparently wants to keep it a secret and generate expectations in ARMY.

On November 12, the tattoo artist in charge of tattooing the friendship of Jin, revealed a close-up of the tattoo. In the post, she explained that she uploaded the story after speaking with Jin and also that he will not work the “7” tattoo on any other person in order to maintain the meaning of the tattoo among the members of BTS.

Some of the comments that we can see in the publication are:

«I didn’t think I would be able to see the tattoo up close. Tattoo artist support»

“Even his tattoo is cute”

“She has very nice skin”