Kim Seok-jin attended the exclusive premiere of the film “Declaration of Emergency“. The 29-year-old idol unintentionally stole the show, as attendees were charmed by the smooth look he flaunted. Unwittingly, he made it the main event by wearing a yellow cardigan and striped shirt.

Without a doubt, he looked like the main star of the film, surprising everyone in his path. the boy from bts he was very humble, greeting everyone in his path as he left the event. No doubt he looked a little nervous before weaving his way through the crowd.

He walked the red carpet like a prince, while saying goodbye with much gratitude to all those present, showing himself very grateful. But a gesture from the interpreter of “super prickly pear” was what ARMY loved, He breathed a deep sigh of relief after finishing walking the red carpet.

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It seemed like he was very nervous and everyone loved his down-to-earth and honest reaction. Jin even posted on weverse that he did feel nervous and explained that the fans made him feel much more comfortable.

“I enjoyed the movie! Although I don’t participate, I am very grateful to ARMY because she came to cheer me on. Thanks to you, I felt a little less nervous. ARMY, I love you.”