Did you know this anecdote? We tell you how this girl quit her job as a professional makeup artist because of the popular member of BTS.

Through a video published by the professional makeup artist, she revealed why she decided to quit her job as a makeup artist.

The young woman confessed that each and every one of the members of bangtan they are very respectful and grateful people and artists, but Jimin of BTS is the nicest and kindest, so he quit his job and didn’t spend much time there for this reason. Amazing, right?

Although many of her friends envied her, she had a very unusual reason and that is that she was afraid to fall in love with Jimin.

The young woman admitted that if she continued to provide her services to BTS, she could have fallen in love with the Idol, because his personality was too nice and easygoing.

most of ARMY She agreed with his decision, since they themselves admit that it is very difficult not to fall in love with Jimin by being in person with him for a long time.