The controversial website Pannchoa, popular in the KPOP community for its revealing gossip news regarding Korean celebrities, dubbed as the TMZ of KPOP, made an article with a series of photos with Jimin of BTS with his alleged girlfriend, the girl’s name is Song Da Eun.

According to the evidence presented, the idol shares with the girl couple accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings that she has lately shown in her photos. Likewise, the portal revealed that they have the same followers on their Instagram accounts with a closed group of friends and, in addition, they have been to different events together, such as soccer matches.

Pannchoa also claimed that the girl has been posting pictures of her lately on her social media with sweet descriptions of love, which Jimin has mentioned liking in her chat. weversesongs, types of flowers or favorite idol shows.

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Although the news has not been very well received among fans of bts, since many allege that it is mere manipulation by the media to achieve relevance. Whether real or not, you have to respect the private life of people and above all the famous ones who are all the time in the public eye.