bts is characterized by a group that defends rights against bullying and violence, together with the United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF, and movements such as “Stop Asian Hate” which are a series of demonstrations, protests and rallies against the violence of Asians and Asian Americans that take place in the United States, but this time the group was the victim of a mockery that would be marked by the argentinian artist Tiago PZK.

The rapper always tends to create songs with the fashion to offend people, on several occasions they have made fun of the members for the use of makeup, considering them as effeminate, but according to this mockery it would ignite the fury of ARMY And it would unleash complete chaos.

Since according to social networks, BTS fans denounced a new case of xenophobia against the members, because the rapper premiered his new album titled “Portales”, and in his most recent song, he left a line from BTS, with which I draw the attention of ARMY very upset, saying the following:

“Smoke and there are eyes like BTS.”

Demonstrating a very unpleasant comment, because he compares them as drug addicts, because of their Asian features when consuming the drug, and ARMY could not stand it and denounced his phrase taking it as an attack of xenophobia in his new music video.